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Zombie Drive


About "Zombie Drive"

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of chaos, where every mile on the road could be your last! You have to take control of a powerful car, arm it with a machine gun and fight for your life in a world overrun by zombies.

Game Features:

1. Endless Roads of Chaos:
Make your way through the zombie apocalypse, where every turn can be decisive. Explore a variety of locations, from abandoned cities to picturesque suburbs, avoiding collisions with enemies.

2. Variable Enemies:
On your way there will be not only ordinary zombies, but also zombies on motorcycles, armored vehicles, and even huge bosses ready to incinerate you. Each requires a unique approach and strategy.

3. Powerful Weapons and Upgrades:
Personalize your car, install improved weapons and power-ups to more effectively deal with hordes of zombies. Earn in-game currency to improve your equipment and become a real road boss.

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