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Zombie Defense: Building Clearance


About "Zombie Defense: Building Clearance"

How many corridors can you clear and survive against the zombie horde? Don't let them get too close. A crowd of zombies is coming right at you. Use your weapons against them and try to survive as long as possible.

• There are different game modes;
• Variety of weapons;
• Zombies take damage depending on where you hit, real physics;
• There are different types of zombies;
• The longer you survive, the larger the crowd of zombies becomes;
• Your success depends only on your skills;
• A list of records is maintained.

Various modes:

Game mode "Cleanup":
• The number of zombies will increase with each corridor;
• At the beginning of the game you are given three lives - three attempts, which you can buy to clear the level;
• After all attempts have been used, you will lose all weapons...

Many locations:
- Hospital corridors:
- Rooms
- Protection
- Street
- Rescue people
- Cleaning the bridge

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