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Ads should be requested from the game's page url to avoid loss of ads performance. To make this happen please adjust your game frame request url as follows: gmd_referrer_url should be added to the request url . To do that please modify your request url as


Correct usage

If your page url is https://www.example.com/games then your request url should be as follows: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://html5.gamemondi.com/d0a67df25f7e451aad27f02464594583/?gmd_referrer_url=https://www.example.com/games/{game-path}.
You can check example url below to see how we are using in this page.

Wrong usage


White or Black


About "White or Black"

White or Black is a puzzle kids game. When you start to play this game you will see a vertical white beam from the left side and a vertical black beam from the right side. Between them in the middle will fall white and black balls. At the center, there is a target and when the balls get to the target you need to tap on a white or black bar depending on what color is the ball that is at the target at the moment. If there is a white ball click on the white bar and the ball will go to the bar and you will earn points. If you made a mistake and click the wrong beam the game will be over.

Example URL