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Ads should be requested from the game's page url to avoid loss of ads performance. To make this happen please adjust your game frame request url as follows: gmd_referrer_url should be added to the request url . To do that please modify your request url as


Correct usage

If your page url is https://www.example.com/games then your request url should be as follows: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://html5.gamemondi.com/d0a67df25f7e451aad27f02464594583/?gmd_referrer_url=https://www.example.com/games/{game-path}.
You can check example url below to see how we are using in this page.

Wrong usage


Summer Dino


About "Summer Dino"

Dive into the ultimate Summer Dino Adventure, an exhilarating online arcade game that transports you to a vibrant prehistoric realm filled with endless challenges and excitement. As you embark on this thrilling journey, harness your survival instincts, evolve your dino, and aim to dominate the leaderboard.

In the vibrant and enchanting game, Summer Dino, players have the opportunity to lead adorable dinosaurs on an adventurous plunge into the expansive ocean. Navigate through perilous obstacles and collect shimmering coins while swimming through the waves. The difficulty escalates as you race against the clock, striving to venture deeper into the sea before time runs out.

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