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Setris - Sand Tetris Block Puzzle


About "Setris - Sand Tetris Block Puzzle"

The game Setris - Sand Tetris Block Puzzle is a new look at the famous Tetris game. Sand is used instead of blocks.

The goal of Tetris is to line up falling blocks of different shapes and colors in straight lines without any breaks. When the line is finished, it disappears, and the blocks above it move down. The game ends when the blocks reach the top of the screen.
The game has two modes, classic and arcade.

Setris - Sand Tetris Block Puzzle is a fun and exciting game in which your spatial skills and speed are tested. It's good for people of all ages and professions. If you like to play Tetris, you will enjoy playing Setris - Sand Tetris Block Puzzle. But first you need to learn how to play it.

This is a game that people of all ages can enjoy because it is both fun and simple. If you are looking for a new puzzle game, then go ahead, build sand blocks!

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