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NBA JAM workout 3D


About "NBA JAM workout 3D"

The goal of the game is to score a goal by getting into the ring. The game is for sports fans, and also for those who like to calculate strength and other indicators.
The game has a time dilation when the ball enters the ring zone, so that you can enjoy scoring a goal. The game uses the physics of movement, which makes it very real in terms of the behavior of the ball and the throw. The game has an infinite number of levels, but after 24 levels, if you lose, the level returns to 24.
There are several stages of the game, in the first one you always stand exactly in the center, and with each level you move away from the ring. Second, you start again from a close distance, but with an offset to the sides. The third stage, you throw from a random point on the field, by this point you will already have to feel the trajectory not badly, and therefore, if you lose, you will return to the beginning of the third stage (level 24).
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