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Ads should be requested from the game's page url to avoid loss of ads performance. To make this happen please adjust your game frame request url as follows: gmd_referrer_url should be added to the request url . To do that please modify your request url as


Correct usage

If your page url is https://www.example.com/games then your request url should be as follows: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://html5.gamemondi.com/d0a67df25f7e451aad27f02464594583/?gmd_referrer_url=https://www.example.com/games/{game-path}.
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About "Mafia"

Mafia is an exciting project for several players, which immerses in the world of intrigue, manipulation and strategic moves. This popular genre of games really forces participants to use all their observational abilities, stealth and analytical skills to achieve victory. In Mafia, players will have to get into a fictional city divided into two factions - civilians and mafiosi. The task of civilians is to figure out which of the participants is part of the mafia clan, and the mafiosi, on the contrary, must eliminate their opponents and keep their identity secret. The basis of the gameplay are detective and strategic elements. Participants must use their analytical abilities to calculate suspects and apply tactics to eliminate them. The game offers a variety of roles, which allows each player to find their place and use their skills in the best way.

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