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Ads should be requested from the game's page url to avoid loss of ads performance. To make this happen please adjust your game frame request url as follows: gmd_referrer_url should be added to the request url . To do that please modify your request url as


Correct usage

If your page url is https://www.example.com/games then your request url should be as follows: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://html5.gamemondi.com/d0a67df25f7e451aad27f02464594583/?gmd_referrer_url=https://www.example.com/games/{game-path}.
You can check example url below to see how we are using in this page.

Wrong usage


Hug of War


About "Hug of War"

A cute little kingdom has been attacked by scary monsters and its hardworking inhabitants are having a nightmare!
To win back your lands, you have to rebuild buildings, gather resources, strengthen borders, dispel the terrible fog around and close the ominous portal. Kind subjects are ready to help you and are always happy about your success!

Hurry up to the game! The residents who escaped from the attack are waiting for you!

🌲🏰🌳To increase your power, you must improve the castle and expand your possessions. This will require resources and population.

🐙🐉👹Teach monsters to live in peace with people! Having tamed them, you will understand that they can be useful!

🙏🥰🤗Fulfill the requests of your own residents in the Tavern, they will be very grateful and happy to you!

⚔️🏆⚔️ You can participate in raids on evil neighbors to get resources!

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