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Hogwarts: The Battle of Wizards


About "Hogwarts: The Battle of Wizards"

Famous fusion gameplay and multiverse that you like! The awakening of magic in the School of Mysteries. Mysterious wizards are waiting for you to join the world of adventure games. Take your wand, hone your skills at the magic academy, cast mysterious spells, unite and fight monsters, unite wizards and witches in a fantastic fusion. Create your own legacy!

Famous gameplay with stylized characters. This is for sure something that you will like. Feel free to share with your friends and invite them to spend time playing this casual and relaxing game.

Use your strategy to unite wizards, monsters or witches on the battlefield in a mysterious mansion and fight enemies! You have to combine and merge wizards quickly if you want to get the best ranking in fantasy fusion games. The legends of magical adventures have awakened and are ready for battle!

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