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Hide from School


About "Hide from School"

🏫**"Hide from School "**: A free online game combining popular genres such as: hide and seek, escape and quests. Help a young schoolboy escape from his teachers!

🕵️**Hiding and Disguise:** Blend in with the walls, disguise yourself as various objects to avoid teachers' attention. Solve puzzles, open doors, find your way out of rooms - your goal is to escape! Become a real school assassin!

🎮**Play Hide and Seek Online:** Feel yourself among the school walls and corridors, and test your skills in disguise. This free game allows you to compete with players from all over the world!

🧩**Interactive rooms and traps:** Explore different rooms, go into the shadows, and use items to create the perfect trap. Only those who can disguise themselves and escape cleverly will reach freedom!

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