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Drag Racing Simulator


About "Drag Racing Simulator"

Drag Racing Simulator is an exciting game for real racing fans. You are waiting for competitions on city streets, country roads and professional tracks. The winner will be the one whose car crosses the finish line first. Do everything to win, keep an eye on the instruments of your car, this will allow you to change gears in time and not be in the tail. Your car, your rules! Pump it up, install new parts and improve over 15 different cars, each of which has its own unique characteristics. Pumped car - your chance to win! Game Features: ­čö╣Various locations: city streets, country roads and professional tracks ­čö╣Beautiful graphics ­čö╣Ability to switch camera ­čö╣Variety of cars ­čö╣Dozens of car parts to improve your car ­čö╣Realistic car parameters Take a chance and try your hand at drag racing! Come into our Drag Racing Simulator game and press the gas and forward to victory!

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