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Crazy Drift: A Kid's Word


About "Crazy Drift: A Kid's Word"

✊Atmospheric and authentic locations of Russian courtyards
✊Realistic and high-quality control of cars
✊Interesting and diverse tasks
✊Avtopark representing a quality and beautiful models of cars.
✊A pleasant and memorable music at each location
✊Long and interesting journey is waiting for you.

"Crazy Drift: A Kid's Word" - Casual racing arcade imbued with the spirit and aesthetics of Russian yards and patsan romance.

Here you will have to pass the way from an ordinary boy on a barely driving car to the cool authority on the fastest car of the district!

Fascinating tasks will not let you get bored and elaboration of the environment and gameplay will leave for a long time pleasant memories!

Suitable for players of all ages - the younger generation will appreciate the depth of gameplay and older gamers will appreciate the elaboration of the environment.

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