Important notification while embedding games 121221

Ads should be requested from the game's page url to avoid loss of ads performance. To make this happen please adjust your game frame request url as follows: gmd_referrer_url should be added to the request url . To do that please modify your request url as


Correct usage

If your page url is https://www.example.com/games then your request url should be as follows: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://html5.gamemondi.com/d0a67df25f7e451aad27f02464594583/?gmd_referrer_url=https://www.example.com/games/{game-path}.
You can check example url below to see how we are using in this page.

Wrong usage


Butterfly Dash

About "Butterfly Dash"

Take flight with Butterfly Dash, a visually stunning endless runner. Guide a graceful butterfly through lush landscapes, collecting nectar and avoiding obstacles. With its serene atmosphere and intuitive controls, this game provides a relaxing yet engaging experience. Butterfly Dash offers a visually enchanting journey, where each graceful flutter adds to the allure of this endless runner.

Example URL