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Blocky Fun Roads


About "Blocky Fun Roads"

"Blocky Roads" by Running Nose Studio is another amazing game. Blocky Roads is a running game similar to a hurdle race, with obstacles instead of hurdles. TNT, boxes, cars and ambulances are all hazards that must be avoided. The more stars you earn, the more cartoon characters you can unlock. In some ways, Blocky Roads resembles the most popular game, Crossy Road. To get the most points and be ranked first, run as confidently as possible. Characteristics: One of the most beautiful voxel art visuals I have seen. Secondly, there are more than ten characters to unlock. 3) Notable Personae include: (Bob, Droopy, Cheeky, Peppa Pig, Chuck, Pororo) In all, there are a total of 14 accomplishments. Make your way to the top of the rankings. 6) Playable Offline. Incredibly useful "Save Me" feature. 8) The World's Top 10.

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