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Ball Cat


About "Ball Cat"

Fat and clumsy Cat Valera wants to take a walk, but can't walk a couple of steps because of his laziness.

We have to help Valera.

It is necessary to place the blocks on the field in such a way that the cat overcomes them and gets into the cat's door when you send him there with a slingshot.

At first glance, the game does not carry anything complicated, but the deeper the passage, the more difficult and exciting the task.

There are 60 levels in the game that seem unsolvable - solvable. This is why this puzzle is interesting, develops non-standard thinking and a look at many things in a new way.

The game will be interesting to everyone - both children and adults…
At the same time, children sometimes cope with puzzles faster, because they are not limited by logical limits.

A great way to upgrade non-standard thinking and push the boundaries of logic.

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